Carpet Cleaning Prices.

Carpet cleaning prices differ depending on size and soiling conditions.  The first step to establish the price is for the technician to inspect the carpet. Dirtier carpets take longer to get them clean thus costing a bit more than if it is slightly soiled.  Another factor is the accessibility of the home or place and the layout.

Water Extraction VS Dry Cleaning

Both methods can be effective if done by a professional technician and used in different situations.  Dry cleaning is more efficient for in-between cleanings or maintenance with hot water extraction.  If you want no residue left on your carpet, hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) is the way to go.

Are all carpet cleaners the same?

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner I am sure you asked yourself this.  Most people only base their decision on the price.  That is the wrong way to do it.  If you want to find a professional you need to ask if they are certified by the IICRC the organization that certifies and develops certifications and standards for inspection, cleaning, and restoration.  There are a lot of carpet cleaning businesses that don't have any certifications and not know how to clean your carpets properly.  The equipment and chemicals used are other factors.  Make sure your carpet is cleaned with professional chemicals like Prochem or Bridgepoint and not some generic brand.  

Santa Maria, California

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